JivanLakshya India Pvt. Ltd

Our Objectives

JivanLakshya India Pvt. Ltd is incorporated to carry on the business of Production, procurement, marketing, processing, storage, bottling, packing, marketing and trading of all agricultural, horticultural, vegetables, medicinal, spices crops, poultry, goat-keeping, Beekeeping and trading of all Agro inputs like Seeds, Manure, Fertilizers, pesticides, Farm Machinery and Farm Tools. we also Undertake Organic Production program, processing & Certification, Export & trade business (as per National and International norms & Standards) of all agricultural, Horticultural Vegetables Crops and Dairy products their allied forms, by the members of the company. It Will include Import & hire of Goods and services in all forms, for the benefit of the members. Our company also Manufacture, Sell or Supply machinery, equipment or consumables mainly to the members and non members also and to encourage and afford all facilities for Cultivating thrifts, Saving Deposits and to render all financial assistance to its members only by receiving long and short term deposits and in particular recurring deposits from members of the company under Saving Deposits, Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits and such other Saving Schemes and not being Current account from the members as are allowed by Law for producers Companies.

Other objectives to be persued by the company is to Render technical services, Consultancy services, Training, Research and Development and all other activities for the welfare and promotion of the interest of its members and to enable producers to get insurance for themselves, their Family members ,employees, and for their Livestocks, and other productive assets as also for their primary producer for the benefit of the members and To Promote the techniques of mutuality and mutual assistance, including thrift and saving among members and collaboration & linkage with similar organization and to undertake any welfare measures or provide facilities for the benefit of the members. We also Finance the production, procurement, processing, marketing and other activities mentioned above, including the extension of credit facilities or any other manner of Financial services to the members of the company, for the benefit of the members.

Our Company

Nature of Company : Producer Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 (No.1 of 1956 and applicable provision of the companies act 2013) under Part IXA at New Delhi within the meaning of Section 581A(1) of the Act. The Company is deemed to be a private Company within the meaning of Section 581C(5) of the Companies Act, 1956. Shares of the Company shall be issued only to individual producers or producer institutions.

Face Value : Rs.100 per share

Issue Price : At par

Terms of payment :
(A) Individual Producer : Rs.100 per share payable on application
(B) Producer Institutions : Producer Institutions should purchase a minimum of 10 (ten) shares.

Nature of Equity share : The equity share of a producer company cannot be traded on the stock exchange. Transferable to active members at par value with the previous approval of the Board.

Surrender of Membership : The Board shall direct the surrender of membership together with shares at par value in case of any member ceasing to be a producer/ otherwise failing to retain his qualifications to be a member as per Articles.


Registered from ROC

Products & Services

  • Deposits
    • Saving Accounts
    • RD
    • FD
    • MIS
  • Poly Houses
    • Consultancy
    • Subsidy and Loan Consultancy
    • Structure
    • Plantation
    • Training
    • Crop/Product Marketing
  • Small Business for Members
    • Poultry Farming
    • Dairy Farming
    • Beekeeping
    • Fishery
    • Food Processing
  • Loan
    • Agricultural Loans
    • Educational Loans
    • Business Loans

Our work and Partners